Well, this is awkward...

We were so excited to see former TOWIE star, Sam Faiers back on our screens last week as The Mummy Diaries returned!

But in the second episode of the hit ITVBe show – which follows the life of Sam, boyfriend Paul Knightley and their one-year-old Baby Paul – fans were left shocked after Paul made a VERY rude comment about the Loose Women ladies.

During the show, Sam made her way to the ITV studios where she was set to appear on LW, explaining that she’d probably have to discuss THAT kiss –  y’know, when Paul kissed his mum Gaynor on the lips last year and no one could handle it.

People STILL can’t get over that kiss [ITVBe]

Yup, that moment.

‘I had my research chat yesterday and obviously, it’s all the normal stuff, they’re asking about The Baby Diaries and ‘The Kiss’,’ 26-year-old, Sam said to the camera.

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Before adding: ‘I’m obviously going to have to address that, which is fine, but I can’t believe they’re still going on about it and it’s over a year now.’

The LW ladies have previously discussed the kiss, with the likes of Coleen Nolan and Saira Khan calling the whole thing ‘weird’.

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Unsurprisingly, Paul wasn’t too impressed with the panellist’s criticism and when Sam started discussing it, he quipped to the camera: ‘I don’t like those b*****s.’


Paul made a VERY rude comment about the Loose Women ladies [ITVBe]

Clearly not impressed with her boyfriend, Sam replied: ‘Don’t say that!’ Eeek…

Despite admitting she can’t believe people still care about the kiss, Sam recently revealed that she blamed herself for Paul facing such a backlash from viewers.

The Essex lady told The Sun: ‘I feel like I blame myself, cause I threw him in the deep end because it was the first time he had done anything to do with TV and the cameras were in and around our house every single day. I do kind of blame myself for it.’

Well, we’re only two episodes in and The Mummy Diaries has already got us talking, we wonder what the Loose Women ladies will have to say about it…