The new Duchess of Cambridge will head to Scotland

The Queen has invited Kate Middleton to Balmoral, her Scottish estate, so she can get to know grandson Prince William‘s new wife.

Kate and Wills will join the Queen and Prince Philip around the end of August on their annual holiday in Scotland.

‘This is quite an important visit for Kate because the Queen does not really know her very well at all,’ says Majesty magazine editor-in-chief Ingrid Seward.

Kate has never had an invitation before to stay at Balmoral – but she is family now and the Queen wants to get to know her.’

The new Duchess of Cambridge, 29, will be able to bond with her new in-laws over picnics, film nights and family barbecues. 

‘It is an important visit in many ways, not least because the Queen will want Kate to meet all the staff. One day she will be responsible for them,’ Ingrid tells the Daily Mirror.

‘The Queen needs to present Kate to Scotland. The time has come.’

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