The Wonder Years cast get back together for a long-awaited reunion

The Wonder Years is easily one of the best television shows in history.

When it premiered in 1988, the nostalgic look at the Arnold family’s life in the late 60s not only plucked the heartstrings of the adult viewers who experienced similar childhoods but also offered a younger generation a time-travelling trip – kind of like Downton Abbey.

But as the historical events unfolded around them – like the moon landing and the Vietnam War – it was the youngest Arnold family member Kevin’s (Fred Savage) unrequited crush on girl-next-door Winnie Cooper (Danica McKellar) that had us all hooked.

An incredible 26 years later, the entire cast have reunited for the long overdue US release of The Wonder Years box set on DVD (no word yet on when it will be available in the UK) and they took to Twitter and Instagram to celebrate – technology which their characters would have surely found staggeringly futuristic.

But what are they up to now?

Olivia D’Abo – who played Kevin’s often absent and free-spirited older sister Karen – is mainly a voice-actress appearing on animated adventures like Star Wars: The Clone Years.

Jason Hervey – Kevin’s brutish older brother Wayne and a walking blueprint for all future bullies – is a producer on various TV reality shows.

Alley Mills – as Arnold matriarch and frosted-lipstick fan Norma – has enjoyed a lengthy run on American soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.

Dan Lauria – Kevin’s tough but sensitive father Jack – is currently playing a similar role on American sitcom Sullivan & Son.

Danica McKellar – the love of Kevin’s life and our ultimate girl crush Winnie Cooper recently appeared on the latest season of Dancing With The Stars, finishing in sixth place.

Josh Saviano – Kevin’s geeky sidekick Paul Pfeiffer and who is a dead ringer for the Simpsons’ Millhouse – is now a corporate attorney. Surprisingly, Crystal McKellar – Danica’s sister and who playes Kevin’s rival love interest Becky Slater – is now also a lawyer.


Fred Savage – KEVIN, who weathered so many embarrassing events that our real life drama paled in comparison – is married with three kids and is a director on television programmes like Modern Family.

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Louis Boroditsky