The truth is out there: The X Files is returning to our screens next year! Which got us thinking - which other classic 90s TV shows would we like to see back on the tellybox?

Our anticipation for the new series of classic 90s TV show The X Files was cranked up a notch today with the release of a trailer for the newly-revived show.

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are set to return as FBI agents Mulder and Scully in a brand new series of the hit show, due to air early next year

The just-released trailer shows Mulder asking “are you ready for this, Scully?” whilst the show’s iconic, eerie theme music plays in the background – and it’s got us all excited!

It also got us thinking – which other classic 90s TV shows would we love to see back on the tellybox? And this was the result…

1. Clarissa Explains It All

This classic Nickelodeon show starred Melissa Joan Hart as teenage title character Clarissa, explaining it all about topics such as how to deal with boys (including her hot neighbour Sam and annoying little brother Fergus), spots and first bras. More than 20 years after the show ended, we’re still struggling to figure life out – so we’d love it if Clarissa could come back and ‘explain it all’ about Tinder etiquette, how to take the perfect selfie and what the praying hands/hgih-five emoji actually means.

2. Ren and Stimpy

In the words of Clueless’s Cher Horowitz, the more-than-a-little-bonkers adventures of Ren and Stimpy, an animated chihuahua and cat, were “way existential”. And if it’s good enough for Cher, it’s good enough for us.

3. Dawson’s Creek

It’s 17 years since Dawson and his gang from the Creek first hit our screens, in which time we’ve got an education and a bit of life experience under our belts – so, should DC return to our screens, we might actually be able to understand what the too-intelligent characters were talking about. And that day may not be far off; Katie Holmes recently said “I think we’d all have a really great time doing it” when quizzed about a possible reunion, adding: “It’s a wonderful question to be asked, and we had a wonderful time making it, so we’ll see.” *crossed fingers and toes*

4. ER

OK, ER ran for, like, EVER (1994 – 2009 actually), but it’s the early 90s years we’d like to see revived, I.E. the years when George Clooney played a hot doctor. That’s GEORGE CLOONEY AS A HOT DOCTOR. What more convincing do you need?

5. Daria

Before MTV became the home of reality shows such as Geordie Shore and The Valleys, it produced this brilliant animated series, a spin-off from the highly-successful Beavis and Butt-head. We can only imagine what indie girl Daria and her sharp-tongued BFF Jane would make of the likes of Vicky Pattinson and Holly Hagan…

6. SM:TV Live

Specifically the Ant and Dec years. Remember Wonky Donkey? And Chums? And What’s Ant Whistling?? Weekend mornings just isn’t the same (sorry, Saturday Kitchen).

7. My So-Called Life

Dealing with teenage angst in a very real, relatable way, My So-Called Life only ran for one season, but it’s stars went on to great things – Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison in Homeland, and Jared Leto in Oscar-winning film Dallas Buyers Club and with his band Thirty Seconds to Mars. But we’d give anything for them to reunite as Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano.

8. Ally McBeal

We loved getting lost inside lawyer Ally’s world, filled with visions of giant, dancing babies, sing-a-longsin the cocktail bar with theme tune songstress Vonda Shepard and – later – love affairs with Jon Bon Jovi. Plus, the woman had a killer collection of quirky pyjamas.

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Stephanie Wood