The diver is VERY comfortable with stripping off


Tom Daley has always been comfortable with taking his clothes off – and isn’t afraid for anyone to know it!

The Olympic diving star is used to wearing just a tiny pair of trunks for his day job so it’s become the norm for him to be half-naked most of the time.

‘There’s not many people that wear more clothes to bed than they do to work,’ says Tom, 20.

‘But it doesn’t bother me.’

Having been pursuing his sport for many years, Tom Daley says he’s always been okay about stripping off.

He was even happy to remove his clothes when he was a teenager.

‘After school in Plymouth, I used to get changed on the side of the road sometimes,’ the Olympic medallist confesses.

‘My friends would look at me and say, “What are you doing?”‘

It’s not surprising that Tom is used to stripping down to his trunks by now as he started diving as a child.

He immediately showed talent for the sport when he was just 7 and went on to achieve great success, becoming the youngest ever under-18 champion at the national championships.

Tom also became Britain’s youngest Olympian for 48 years when he participated in the Beijing 2008 Olympics and scooped a bronze medal at the London 2012 games.

As well as pursuing diving, Tom has become a prominent media figure so he’s used to receiving attention, be it for his sporting feats or other ventures.

And it’s not just during his dives that Tom Daley gets his kit off.

The sexy sportsman isn’t afraid to share pictures on Twitter and Instagram where he’s seen showing off his toned bod.

In one recent shot he flexed his very muscular arms but joked that they weren’t quite up to standard yet.

‘Werkin on dem guns (they need work haha),’ the diver captioned the cheeky snap.

Anna Francis