McBusted’s Tom Fletcher and wife Giovanna Fletcher have a potrait of them made out of Oreos!

Giovanna and Tom Fletcher could not be more couple goals if they tried. He’s simultaneously showbiz’s cutest and fittest dad, and an internatinal rockstar in bands McFly and McBusted. She’s a best-selling author, yummy mummy and all-round absolute babe. Oh, and their parents to one of the most adorable little boys we think we ever did see – Buzz.

Surely the Fletcher family can’t get any better right?


Having your face completely made out of delicious Oreo cookies can only make things better!

Lying down next to their biscuit-tastic self-potrait, the 30-year-old singer said: ‘It’s Oreo uses! Nom nom nom.’

We mean, you know you’ve made it when you can eat your own face.

Tom’s 30-year-old wife also shared a pic of the confectionary masterpiece as well, captioning ‘Our faces made from OREOS!! So this is what happiness feels like. ❤️ I’ll be busy for the rest of the week – I’ve got munching to do! Xx’

YES Gi – that’s exactly what we’d be doing too!

And maybe we can join you? Since you did offer and post ‘Hands up, who wants to eat my face?! ❤️xxx’

Our hands are well and truly up Mrs.Fletcher!

The couple met when they were just 13-years-old at Sylvia Young Theatre School, and it seems like it was love at first sight.

‘This gorgeous girl walked in – I immediately turned to [my friend] Jason and commented on how fit she was – and one of the teachers told her to come and sit next to me as her surname was alphabetically next to mine,’ shares Tom in McFly’s autobiography. N’aww!

The pair dated throughout Tom’s rise to fame in McFly, before getting engaged in April 2011 and getting married just over a year later, where Tom made THAT totally emosh speech that went viral, and bought in the Sylvia Young choir to REALLY tug at our heartstrings.

Tom and Gi had son Buzz in March 2014 and ever since then, we’ve been trying to figure out how one family can be just so darn cute!

We can’t imagine this Oreo masterpiece will be around for long with lil’ Buzz around!

This duet of Tom and Buzz is the CUTEST thing!

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Amy Lo