Gemma Collins opens up about spending time caring for her mum at home, rather than falling out of clubs on TOWIE

Although we all know and love the GC that we see in the public eye and on telly on TOWIE, how Gemma Collins spends her time off may surprise you.

No, she’s not out partying with Bobby Norris or doing shots on by the pool with her TOWIE gang – she’s at home caring for her 60-year-old mum, Joan.

The 34-year-old TOWIE star has been nursing for her mum for almost 2 years, and she’s been dealing with health issues including rheumatoid arthritis and knee problems that require surgery.

‘It’s an ongoing nightmare. She’s in agony and can’t walk.’

Opening up to Woman’s Own magazine about her mum’s ripped tendons in her arms, she talks about the stress and confusion that they’ve experienced.

‘Mum was told she didn’t have rheumatoid arthritis, then 17 months down the line, the doctor discovered that she has got it but she’d not been given the right medication, which has made her body seize up.

Explaining that surgeons didn’t diagnose the problem for months, saying it was all in her mum’s head, Gemma says that she’s ‘behind the NHS 100%’, but ‘sick of private doctors taking your money and not doing anything.’

‘It’s been hell but she’s finally on the right medication.’

Helping her mum and staying with her whenever she can, the Essex girl says she’s a real homely, family girl.

‘You don’t ever see me out partying and boozing. I’m not falling out of nightclubs in the early hours of the morning.

‘I’m more likely to be flicking through fashion mags in bed with a cuppa.’

Oooh, we’ve got to say, that DOES sound good Gemma.

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