Are they Team Megan, or Team Pete?


The launch of the newest series of TOWIE is set to involve some of the most shocking moments the show’s ever seen, as viewers will see the fallout from Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks‘ intense ‘break-up’ argument.

Despite seeming like pretty much the perfect couple on social media and on-screen, the pair were pictured having an explosive fight last week as it emerged that Pete had been sending sexy messages to an ex-girlfriend.

It’s the shock relationship rift on everyone’s lips! So when Now met up for a chat with some their TOWIE castmates, Bobby NorrisChloe LewisCourtney Green and Dan Edgar we couldn’t help but ask them their opinion on the situation – and some of their response might just surprise you.

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TOWIE and Now unite!

TOWIE and Now unite!

Speaking with the gang on Friday (7th October), we asked the freshly Marbella-tanned folks how they reacted when the unsavoury situation came to light – and Chloe and Dan found themselves pretty close to the action, with their respective hotel rooms being right by theirs!

However, things got really spicy when they were forced to choose #TeamMegan or #TeamPete…

Unsurprisingly, there was an early volunteer for Pete’s side… Chloe Lewis! ‘I’d go for Team Pete, just because of previous things,’ she began without hesitation. Earlier this year, Megan and Chloe had a massive falling out over allegations that Meg had slept with Chlo’s then boyfriend, Jake Hall. She continued, ‘No one deserves that, but…’ before changing her mind to ‘Team No-One’.

However, Courtney jumped to her ex-best friend’s defence saying, ‘I’m Team Megan, because no girl should get treated like that!’ Though her 10-year friendship with Megs has cooled off, Courtney made sure to send her a message to let her know that she’s free to talk whenever she needs – sweet!

Bobby was much more conflicted with his decision, and decided to stay on the fence: ‘It’s a really hard one to take sides on. I’ve known Pete for longer, and I love Pete. But getting to know Megan, she’s a lovely girl too.

‘But I’ve been in that situation where your partner’s messaging someone else – I know what she’s going through, but Pete’s got a good heart! I’m team neutral.’

Which meant that the deciding vote was with Dan, who ended up sticking with his boy despite disapproving of his actions:

‘Obviously no-one’s happy with the situation, but being a boy, I’m gonna stick with Pete, even though I don’t agree with what’s happened.’

Yikes – we wonder how Megan will react to all the Team Pete fans! We can’t wait to see how the drama unfolds…

Catch TOWIE on Sunday 9th October, ITVBe at 10.00pm