Nicole Bass from The Only Way Is Essex reveals why she finds it hard to trust men - and where to take her on a date


The Only Way Is Essex’s latest addition Nicole Bass caused a stir when she arrived on the scene in Marbella, causing Mike Hassini AND her ex Lewis Bloor to fight over her affections.

But despite all the attention, it looks like Nicole is holding back for now: ‘I’m having so much fun being single – I just want to be on my own at the moment,’ she told Now.

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Has she been affected after being cheated on by Lewis? ‘I learnt from my relationship with Lewis not to trust a man too easily – I have trust issues now which might make it harder being with someone else.’ Poor Nicole.

But there’s still hope for tall, dark and handsome Mike Hassini, who Nicole describes as her type – ‘If I actually like someone and I feel like I’m going somewhere with them I would change,’ she says. And what about ex Lewis – is he in with a chance? ‘I wouldn’t say never,’ she admits, ‘You never know what the future is going to bring.’ Who will she pick?!

So what DOES it take to woo the in-demand Essex beauty? Nicole, who describes herself as ‘easygoing’, says that she doesn’t feel the need for extravagant dates, but ‘loves Nando’s’ and considers pie n’ mash her ‘favourite food in the world.’ Mike and Lewis, take note! Deep down, she admits that she is a born romantic: ‘all I need is to be with someone who loves me and makes me happy.’ Aww!

Francesca Specter