TOWIE is bringing the drama once again!

She may have retired ‘the GC’ in last night’s episode of TOWIE, but it seems Gemma Collins has already brought her diva alter ego back.

Things got so heated yesterday between the 34-year-old star and cast members Lauren Pope, Vas J Morgan and Bobby Norris that security had to step in and all filming for Sunday’s episode was stopped.

If that wasn’t dramatic enough, drinks (and a pink flip flop) were allegedly being thrown in all directions too.

A source tells Now; ‘GC is well and truly back when she confronts Lauren and Vas about making impressions of her. As they then lay their harsh thoughts bare, Gemma reacts by throwing Bobby under the bus which sends him into a complete meltdown. Drinks went flying, along with a pink havaiana flip-flop, and security had to intervene. The pool party was brought to a stand-still.’

Although we’re not quite sure what’s happened between Gemma and her bff Bobby, they’ve both unfollowed each other on Twitter since too.

Which is quite sad, as just couple of moths ago Gemma couldn’t speak any higher of her former best friend.

She told us: ‘Bobby is like my husband. He’s the most special person in life, and no one really sees how close we are on camera.

‘We sleep next to each other naked and I even shave my privates in front of him. We can’t live without eachother. If he’s got a spot on his bum, I’ll squeeze it for him. We’re like a married couple but without the sex.’

Let’s hope they make up soon!