Romantic or embarrassing?

Pete Wicks has tried to win back his ex-girlfriend Megan McKenna with public declarations of love, emotional manipulation with music, and going on a romantic date. But now he’s taken things to a drastic extreme: by getting a tattoo dedicated to her!

The TOWIE couple split up after it was discovered that Pete had been sexting and messaging TEN other girls, including his ex Jacqui Ryland. He also claimed that she’s boring and doesn’t drink.

But once he got found out, the star immediately started grovelling to get her back.

While it looked like they were set to be reunited after a romantic dinner during the last episode of TOWIE – Megan even began crying as their “couple” song played – nothing’s quite worked since.


So now he’s taken things into his own hands, literally, by getting the letter M tattooed on his right hand.

Pete Wicks and Megan McKenna in the pool

He has his fair share of tattoos already [Instagram]

In Wednesday’s (2/11/16) episode of the reality show, Pete Wicks tries to keep the inking a secret, but ends up showing his best mate James Lock.

We’ll have to wait and see how that goes down.

While the tattooed star is willing to change his body in the name of love, Megan McKenna has recently had to defend accusations that she’s changing herself for Pete.

After the star shared a photo of herself drinking – remember Pete telling the other girls she’s boring and doesn’t drink – a fan warned her not to start drinking all the time because of her ex.

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Megan ended up firing back: ‘You don’t fucking no me! I drank before. Keep your opinion to yourself you troll. I HATE people like you!’

Yikes. Heated words all round…