Mario Falcone finally reveals what REALLY went on between him and Nicola McLean

Mario Falcone may be known for being a ladies’ man but even we were shocked when he made a move on Nicola McLean – on the DAY she announced she’d split from her husband of five years.

Never one to waste any time Mario, 26, tweeted her to offer to take the mum-of-two on a date when she confirmed she had ended her relationship with husband Tom Williams.

The couple were snapped partying at Essex hotspot Sugar Hut and, ever the gentleman, Mario drove Nicola, 33, home at the end of the night.

So, what’s really going on between the pair? Now joined Mario and the TOWIE cast in Ibiza and asked him for all the goss…

Welcome back! Were you worried you might not be able to return to the show? [Mario was banned from TOWIE for taking cocaine]

It was a wake-up call. As long as you learn from it, that’s the main thing. I’ve grown up since. I did things that were really stupid and I wasn’t thinking clearly. I forgot how lucky I am to be in the position I’m in.  

Ibiza’s known for partying and drugs. Are you worried?

Not really. I’m going to drink and have fun with the boys but that’s it.

So, about you and Nicola McLean

Well, she’s just come out of her marriage and until that’s done and dusted… Well, I’ve had enough drama in my life this year without getting involved in any more.

Have you kissed?

[Sheepishly] Yeah…

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