TV heart throb Pete Wicks from TOWIE admits he was naive to post a controversial pic

Since joining TOWIE last month, Pete Wicks has stolen the hearts of ladies across the land
and had BFFs Jessica Wright and Ferne McCann fighting over him! Here Peter, 26, reveals all about his love life and last month’s Twitter scandal…

Peter, how are you coping with your new-found fame?
It’s madness. It’s just a different world for me.
Why did you want to join TOWIE?
I’m 26 and I’ve worked in the City in recruitment for 10 years, which has
been draining. I just wanted to try something different.
Were you a fan of the show?
No. Am I supposed to say that?
Have you had lots of lady attention since joining?
A bit. I don¹t look like any of the rest of the guys on there, so when
that dies down and they realise it¹s just a soppy haircut, they’ll go back
to fancying Dan Edgar.
Who’s your ideal girl?
Someone with, like, a presence. I wouldn’t want a bird who hasn’t got any
class ­ which is funny because I look like a tramp.
What about Jess Wright, ­ would you like something to blossom with her?
You never know. I don’t really know her well enough yet. I’m quite happy being single and she’s had that relationship with whatshisname so I think she is too.
And Ferne McCann?
I like her but there isn’t a romantic connection.
What would be your ideal first date?
We’d just have drinks and get pissed! I got my nan drunk on vodka and champagne once ­ that was one of my best nights.
You seem a laid-back guy ­ why did you post that stabbing meme on
Instagram [Pete posted: ‘If you tell me to relax while I’m angry I will
stab you in the neck with a knife’]?
That was before the show, a few months ago. It was naïve. ­ It was supposed to be sarcastic, but being in the public eye, it’s not something I’d condone. I certainly didn’t want to cause offence.
Tell us about your tattoos…
I’ve got loads I regret. I’m having some lasered so I can start again. But
I haven’t got any in naughty places. Yet!


You won’t believe what TOWIE’s Pete Wicks used to look like!