TOWIE’s new girl Verity Chapman tells Now about her blossoming romance with Pete Wicks

She’s only just started appearing on TOWIE but Verity Chapman has already caused quite a stir – being dubbed one of Essex’s most hated girls.


It’s not all bad though as the 23-year-old model has caught the eye of TOWIE’s latest hunk, Pete Wicks, and the pair have been seen getting pretty friendly.

Speaking to Now, Verity even revealed that she’s a one-man woman and totally has her sights set on Mr Wicks, 26.

‘All my eyes are on Pete at the moment,’ revealed Verity, adding: ‘He is a right gentleman and I really enjoy his company- he is really cool.’

We sense some love blossoming here. In fact, the Essex new girl actually admitted that she hopes something does develop!

So erm, have they been on a date yet? Has Pete whisked Verity off her feet?

‘Not officially a date but we have been hanging out. I think we are going to go on a date,’ confessed Ms Chapman, who added that Pete is yet to ask her.

‘I said to him yesterday, ‘I’m going on a diet’, and he said, ‘who am I going to have dinner with then?’, and I said, ‘You haven’t taken me for dinner yet’, and then he goes, ‘Oh I better take you for dinner then’,’ added Verity.

Well, this is VERY exciting!

Verity, who revealed that Pete is rather ‘easy on the eyes’ (err AGREED!), told Now that she hopes a potential romance with the tattooed hotty doesn’t cause any more drama among the TOWIE crew.

With previous rumours claiming that Pete and Jess Wright, 29, could possibly be hooking up, is Verity worried at all?

‘I don’t really know what went on between them. I don’t think they went on many dates,’ said Verity, who reckons she’s caused enough’ drama as it is.

If Verity and Pete DO go on a date, then we kinda have an idea of what the pair may get up to.

When Now caught up with Pete, he revealed:

‘I think when you do all these big fancy first dates it takes away from actually getting to know the person. So I think it’s a bit gimmicky when people go on these f**king romantic bits and bobs, its not about what you’re doing but the person you’re with so the ideal first date with me is just drinks.’

He added that it’s a good idea to drink together as ‘then you get an insight into what someone like when they’re drunk.’

Watch this space for more Pete and Verity goss!


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