TOWIE's newest addition, Verity Chapman, opens up about her tough childhood

Being dubbed ‘the most hated girl in Essex,’ would upset anyone but for TOWIE new girl Verity Chapman, it’s an all too familiar scene. The 24-year-old model told Now that being on the receiving end of the wrath of TOWIE co-stars Chloe Lewis and Danielle Armstrong has brought back upsetting memories of her school days where she was verbally abused for being ‘the odd one out’.

‘I got bullied literally all through school for the way I looked – I blossomed quite late in life,’ admitted Verity.

Sadly, appearance is a huge factor in bullying, and Verity has previously described herself as an overweight child.

Verity revealed that she also ‘found it difficult at school’ because she suffered from dyslexia. ‘I found everything really hard,’ she added.

Well, how times change! Ms Chapman’s striking good looks have already caught the eye of TOWIE hunk Pete Wicks, 26, but despite this, her confidence is still knocked. In fact, she even thinks that former Essex star Mark Wright, 28, is ‘too pretty’ for her, admitting that she’d ‘feel ugly standing next to him’.

‘I still don’t rate myself or anything – I don’t see myself as other people see me,’ revealed Verity, adding: ‘It upsets me but I dealt with it and I’ve moved forward in my life. It just makes you stronger as a person. It’s not been easy but I am strong now and I can cope with things.’

Receiving stick from the other TOWIE girls- largely for her association with several of the Essex lads, as well as hurtful social media comments from several of the show’s fans, has allowed Verity to toughen up. ‘I’ve got quite a backbone on myself,’ confessed the star.

We reckon Verity is an absolute beauty!

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