Actor needed 17 stitches after he was bitten


Ugly Betty’s Michael Urie says he was left looking like Frankenstein when he was mauled by a dog.

The actor, who plays Marc St James on the show, was stunned when the mutt suddenly went wild.

‘I was bitten in the face by a half-Labrador, half pit bull named Jenny,’ he explains.

‘I leaned over to say “hello” and she flipped out and bit through my lip. I needed 17 stitches in my face.

‘I couldn’t speak and looked like Frankenstein.’

And Michael, 27, says the injury almost ruined a stage show he was appearing in at the time.

‘The producers had to explain to the audience so no one would be alarmed,’ he tells Metro.

‘My lip was so swollen it covered half my nose. I’ve got a small scar there now.’