The third series of MTV’s Ex on the Beach sees the return of Geordie Shore’s Vicky Pattison after she vowed to never do the show again

Is there anything worse than bumping into your ex when you least expect it? Well, yes – bumping into them while everyone at home watches your reaction and awkward small talk.

And that’s exactly what we’re looking forward to when Ex on the Beach comes back onto our screens! We can sit back and watch all the cringe-worthy moments from the safety of behind our cushions, and not live it ourselves.

One Ex on the Beach veteran who’s been through it already is 27-year-old Geordie lass Vicky Pattison, who as always, was dishing out hilarious one-liners back in series 1.

And Vicky’s back! Which might be quite the change from what her love life’s been like recently.

The former Geordie Shore star revealed to The Star earlier this year that she was having a bit of a dry spell. Don’t worry Vicks – happens to the best of us.

‘A nun has been getting more action than me. I went nearly six months without sex until recently. I went so long I almost forgot what it was like and what you did.’

‘My love life has been shit. I can’t even dress it up for you.’

But it seems like Vicky didn’t need any exes on any beach to end her stint, as she revealed while promoting her show, Judge Geordie.

‘I finally remembered the other week when I had what we’ll call a date, so you could say the dry spell is finally over.’

Fellow reality TV star, Kirk Norcross from TOWIE, and his ex-fiancée and CBB contestant, Cami Li are also confirmed for the new series, starting on 11th August.

It may have seemed a bit of a surprise to see Vicky’s name on the list of people on the following series of Ex on the Beach though, as after the last time she was on the show and they brought on her ex, Ricci Guarnaccio, she was not a happy bunny to say the least.

With the arrival of ex Ricci on the beach, our Geordie lass gave him quite the welcome, saying: ‘All I want to do is kick his f**king face in. You little f**king tramp.’

Remind us not to get on the wrong side of Vicky!

Talking to Digital Spy about the incident, she vowed that there was ‘not an ice cube’s chance in hell’ that she’d return to the show.

After making the producers of the show promise that the one ex they didn’t bring onto the show was Ricci, that’s exactly what they went and did didn’t they.

‘I’ve had loads of exes, some that ended amicable, some that didn’t. There was plenty for them to choose from without having to be him, and that was the only thing I made them promise. And, naively, I believed them.’

‘To any of the producers listening to this, get f**ked before you dare ring my phone!’

Errm…so we’re guessing that Vicky’s had a change of heart?

Well, a girl is allowed to change her mind!

We can’t wait to see what brilliant one-liners and sass put-downs Vicky comes out with this time round!

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