Feisty Vicky Pattison answers back in brilliant style with a gorgeously natural snap

Vicky Pattison isn’t ashamed of her fondness for selfies but some of her followers aren’t always so keen on her pouty snaps, with many criticising her for using too many filters and wearing too much slap.

Now the 27-year-old star has answered back in the best way by posting a make-up free snap to silence those who want to slate her all the time – and looks absolutely GORGEOUS too!

Vicky posted quite a rant with the glowing Instagram picture, writing on the weekend: ‘Saturday morning selfie!!!! For all you whingy bastards who say:

‘A) I don’t smile B) I wear too much makeup C) you hate my pout D) I airbrush my pictures E) I hammer filters

‘This is my way of saying F**K YOUUUUUUU!!!!! !! Makeup free, grinning from ear to ear, unedited and sans filters!!!

‘Hopefully now you can all enjoy your weekend without bitching on my wall!! (Joke.. I’m sure you’ll find something else to moan about!) But be my guest… POZ VIBES ONLY TODAY!!!!’

Go, Vicky! The former Geordie Shore star certainly looks happy in the photo as she smiles during a car journey.

As well as sporting no warpaint, Vicky wears a casual hoodie and jacket and has her brunette locks scraped back from her face, meaning her natural glow is all the more clear to see.

The brave snap received an overwhelmingly positive response from the Newcastle girl’s fans, with one commenting: ‘Still very beautiful!! All those haters are just jealous!’

Another sweetly wrote: ‘You look beautifull like this, you don’t need make-up to be pretty’

Maybe it’s the little treats that Vicky allows herself that have helped her to get such a flawless look.

The TV star enjoyed some yummy-looking chocolate pancakes over the weekend and seemed pretty pleased with her day’s work.

‘I mean…. I’m getting good at this healthy cooking malarkey like!!!’ Vicky told her fans.

‘Chocolate protein pancakes using @minivnutrition chocolate flavour mini:shake… Who wants the recipe?!’

Er, us please!

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