After 16 years Victoria and David Beckham are determined to keep their romance strong

They’ve had their fair share of struggles over the years, but as David Beckham and Victoria Beckham celebrate their 16th wedding anniversary they’re fighting harder than ever to be together. Both have ridiculously busy schedules with Victoria travelling the globe to promote her fashion range, while David tries to launch his football franchise in Miami ­ that leave them
feeling like ships passing in the night.

A source tells us: ‘They barely see each other. One of them’s always driving around, picking up the children, feeding them and supervising homework. They both work and travel so much ­ as soon as David lands, Victoria takes off. It’s like a handover.’

In the last two months alone, Victoria, 41, has been in London, New York, back to London, Singapore, London, Morocco ­ albeit with David for his 40th ­ then London again. Meanwhile, David’s been trying to juggle his charity and football activities with supporting children Brooklyn, 16, Romeo, 12, Cruz, 10, and Harper, three, in their various activities.

But Now has learnt the secret of their success: synchronising their schedules on Google Calendar. A source says: ‘As a family, life is great. But they’re both incredibly busy so they’ve agreed they have to make quality time together ­ not just as parents, but as a couple. So they set their schedules on Google Calendar.’

David and Victoria recently made time to spend the Father’s Day weekend at Babington House in Somerset, having spa treatments and a romantic dinner.

The kids were then flown in by helicopter to join them for the day.

Some couples struggle to make a transatlantic romance work, but Victoria said in 2011: ‘Maybe that’s why we’re not bored with each other after 11 years.’

And what better way to cement their bond than a celebration of 16 years of marriage?

Our source says: ‘They’ll be in America for their anniversary because it’s the school holidays. It’s on the 4th of July, the biggest US holiday of the year so it’ll be one big party.  They plan to spend the day with their friends Gordon and Tana Ramsay, as always.

‘They’ll have a big party with the entire family and they’ve probably invited James Corden and his family, too.  But they’ll also have their own celebration the night before. Victoria always leaves the planning of the anniversary to David. She likes it when he makes the effort to be romantic on the special occasions.’

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