Seems like Posh has been caught out here...

Victoria Beckham has been called out by fans after they spotted something concerning in a new video.

The 43-year-old posted footage of herself doing a make-up tutorial in a car on Wednesday morning but came under fire when many of her followers noticed that it seemed she wasn’t wearing her seatbelt.


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In the clip Victoria explains how to use a new eye palette from her Estée Lauder collaboration to create a ‘London look’ and does so whilst sitting in the back seat of a moving vehicle.

At certain points in the video the seatbelt is visible next to her but it seems it’s not being worn, something that her fans called her out for.

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‘I hate being that person…but you really should be wearing a seatbelt!’ one follower commented, whilst another said: ‘You would be safer wearing your seat belt’

Meanwhile one urged Victoria to wear it by writing: ‘Why are you not wearing your seatbelt?? It saves lives. #princessdiana #bearolemodel’

Others simply remarked: ‘Wear your seatbelt!!’

In the UK the law states that all passengers aged 14 or over must wear a seatbelt if it is fitted in the vehicle, unless they have a medical exemption.

During the footage posted by the fashion designer she explains that she’s just left an event and is going to touch up her make-up using the palette.

Despite the controversy over her seatbelt, many fans praised Victoria for how she talked through the process in the tutorial.

‘Is it wrong that I could listen to you talk all day?’ one admirer gushed.

Another added: ‘Love it!!! Want to see more tips please ❤️❤️’

It comes a week after Victoria divided This Morning viewers when she filmed a make-up tutorial for the show, with some branding her ‘robotic’ and ‘dull’.

Others loved it though and hailed the former Spice Girl for being ‘poised’ and ‘elegant’.