A heartbroken Vin Diesel praised Paul Walker and his daughter Meadow during this year’s Teen Choice Awards after Furious 7 took home the award for best action flick

It’s fair to say emotions were running high at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday. One Direction were scooping gongs without Zayn, Little Mix were showing the states that they could kick ass, but things got a little teary when an emotional Vin Diesel took to the stage to collect the gong for praised Choice Movie: Action.

Paying tribute to his close freind Paul Walker, who sadly died in a car crash while filming in 2013, and his daughter Meadow he said:

‘I can’t stand here and be rewarded like this without talking about somebody very, very, very important to us,’ Vin, who stood alongside costars Ludacris, Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez, said as the crowd cheered. ‘One of the best blessings in our lives is the fact that we have the opportunity to call Pablo our brother. Paul Walker is here in spirit with us.’

Vin said that Walker’s family kept the cast going following the actor’s death, but he singled out Paul’s daughter Meadow.

‘There’s one special teen here, and her name is Meadow Walker.’

Yup, we have a lump in our throat too.

Paul’s 16-year-old daughter was apparently in attendance at Sunday’s Teen Choice Awards, though she never appeared onstage or was shown in the audience. But Vin and the Furious 7 cast did give her a special thanks while accepting the Choice Action/Adventure Movie award.

‘Since this is a Teen Choice Award, you beautiful teens, there is one teen in the audience that is a part of the family that kept us going,’ Vin explained onstage, going on to thank Meadow specifically. ‘It was Paul Walker’s family, his brothers, his parents, that kept us going while we were filming Furious 7.’

The tributes contined when Paul also posthumously won the Choice Action/Adventure Actor category.

In the words of the gorgeous Jordana Brewster: ‘We miss you, and we will always, always love you Paul.’


Lydia Southern