Edward Van Tassel mustn't go near the actor


An Iraq war veteran has been ordered to stay away from Tom Cruise and his property.

Edward Van Tassel turned up at the actor’s Beverly Hills home twice this month, a court heard.

The 28-year-old claims he wanted to deliver a letter to Tom, 46, asking him to help soldiers.

‘He is not there to stalk Mr Cruise as some sort of fan-obsessed person,’ Edward’s lawyer Robert Landheer told Santa Barbara Superior Court.

‘He wants to enlist him in his mission to get appropriate remedies for soldiers of the Iraq War.’

Tom‘s lawyer Bert Fields said the actor did not ask for the restraining order but that the judge acted properly in issuing it.

Edward was arrested last month after an incident near Santa Barbara in which he stood on a freeway overpass with a gun and a sign.

He has been sent back to a veterans’ hospital in Los Angeles where he’s receiving psychiatric care.

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