As if Halloween wasn't spooky enough - we've trawled the Internet to find you the most spine-chilling stuff out there


It’s the most terrifying time of the year! Welcome to Halloween 2015 at Now!

And we’ll warn you before you go too far – this is not the warm and cosy place you are used to. This is SCARY STUFF!

For this All Hallows Eve we have taken a break from delivering news from the scary world of celeb to compile, for you, a list of the creepiest videos from across the web. You can thank us later.

If you’re watching with other people: put your speaker volume to maximum. On your own? Headphones on, volume up, lights off and enjoy the weird and worrying side of the Internet.

WARNING: These are NOT for the faint hearted! They are eerie, horrifying, terrifying, gory and WILL make you jump.

1) Demon Hands Attack

Imagine sitting in your room, falling asleep with just the innocent thought of what Kim Kardashian and Kanye West can call their children after they run out of directions, when suddenly a horde of demon hands come reaching through the walls! This video is disturbing!

2) Bedfellows

A snoring spouse is probably the worst of horrors, but short filmmaker Drew Daywalt has found something even more insidious. A woman receives a phone call and wakes up in bed with an unfamiliar partner – we’ve all been there, though usually after a few tequilas. We still don’t envy this poor woman…

3) No Through Road

In what could be a DVLA instructional video on the importance of driving theory, ‘always read the signs’ and ‘don’t get lost’ are the main messages from this unnerving video. Four teenage boys drive around late at night and take terrible wrong turns. Worst thing is, it could be real!

4) Lights Out

Wining best director at the ‘Who’s There’ Film Challenge, this short film is where the proper goosebumps lie. When even a night-light won’t save you, this is the type of film that makes us consider moving out of a house entirely. Definitely watch it full screen, under the blanket and hope no one walks into the room.


5)    Mamá

Proclaimed as the scariest short film Guillermo Del Toro has even seen – and also the inspiration for his feature length film of the same name – takes two horror tropes, body-horror and kids, and mashes them together in this unholy mix. Two Spanish girls wake up to greet their returned mother but… it all goes a bit wrong. Put the kids to bed before watching.

6)    Ghost caught on a British car advert

This one’s a classic. While filming an advert for a car, the cameraman spotted some unusual mist behind one of the windows… Also, some really strange whispering is picked up on the microphone, so make sure you have the volume up to catch it. This will give you shivers.

7) The Cat with Hands

Bear with us on this one – it is incredibly creepy even if it is so, so weird. There’s no way to describe the film without spoiling the whole thing, so watch away. Just keep your tabby away from your tongue. They’re as bad as Geordie Shore’s Vicky and Marnie. Maybe leave it in the other room…

8) Marble Hornets

If you’re looking for something to occupy the whole night, try this series of spooky videos. In fact, these are so off-putting that it launched an entire internet folklore legend called the ‘Slenderman’. Sounds more like a Made in Chelsea superhero alter ego to us, but it definitely gives you chills. Here’s a taster…

Tom Capon