Adele finally returns with her first video in years and it’s well worth the wait


Stop what you’re doing, people, for we have an exciting announcement to make – the new Adele video is here! *squeal*

Yep, after THAT snippet of her new single Hello played out during the advert break for The X Factor last weekend, the full song and video have now dropped on Vevo and, trust us, it’s been well worth the wait.


Adele reveals 25 release date and full track listing

Adele, 27, looks absolutely stunning in the moody footage, which starts with her struggling to get a signal on her phone out in the woodland somewhere.

Then the singer enters a dusty old house (symbolic of her return after several years away, perhaps? Okay, we might be reading too much into it here, but we’re just SO excited) and starts singing those haunting notes.

Soon we see footage of what appears to be Adele’s memories of a mystery man she had a relationship with and it all gets very emotional.

Things clearly turned sour in the romance and, okay, so it’s only a music video but it’s properly making us well up for poor Adele.

Watch the moving video below – but just make sure you have some tissues handy!

It comes a day after Adele revealed that her new album 25 will be released on 20 November and she also shared the track listing. Stunning tune Hello is the first tune, obvs.

We were already ridiculously excited about all of this and the Hello video has only added to the anticipation!

It’s the first release from the singer for three years, with her last track being the Bond theme Skyfall back in 2012.

Prior to that her last album was the utterly amazing 21 in 2011 and then there was her debut 19 in 2008.

Adele spoke of how she sees 25 as a ‘make-up record’ in an emotional Facebook post about it earlier this week, explaining: ‘I’m making up with myself. Making up for lost time.

‘Making up for everything I ever did and never did.’

Something tells us the rest of this album is going to be just as emotional as Hello!

Anna Francis