As Madonna turns 57, watch her changing face over the years!


She’s the original Material Girl who taught us how to Vogue and simultaneously rock a headband/tutu combo- obbbviously we’re talking about the one and only Madonna! (Let’s see how many Madonna related references we can fit into the next 300-or-so words…)

And as the power-house that is the mighty Madge turns 57, we have decided to take a lesuirely stroll down memory lane to Get Into The Groove of our favourite Blond (Ambition)… Vogue arms at the ready people!

Madge exploded onto the scene in 1982, and she was certainly thanking her Lucky Star as she was an almost immediate hit- her first album, modestly titled Madonna, featured timeless songs like Holiday.

Madonna was also an instantenous hit in the fashion world- her uniform of fishnet stockings, tutu’s, masses of jewellery and head scarfs is still thought of today as the ‘look’ of the 80s.

However this was, of course, no 4 Minutes of fame- Madonna‘s second album, Like A Virgin, feautured some of her most iconic songs, leading to a young Madge being catapulted into global recognition. This also lead to a LOT of criticism, as many felt she was ‘undermining family values’.

In fact Madonna would spend the next few years telling a LOT of fathers ‘Papa Don’t Preach’, as the 90s saw the starlet expressing her, er, ‘raunchy’ side. Albums such as Erotica and Bedtime Stories confirmed that Madge was almost certainly no longer Like A Virgin (c’mon you ALL remember the pointy bra).

In fact, it was during this era that Madonna actually became a published author with her book, aptly named Sex. It was full to the brim of sexy snaps of herself, a bit like Kim Kardashian‘s Selfish but waaaay more naked.

The next ten years saw countless collaborations with the massive names in music (such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera… remember THAT kiss?!) and an incredible THIRTEEN studio albums. Having tucked ten world tours under her belt, Madge is still chucking out new music with her current album Rebel Heart.

Have a piece of birthday cake Madge, after all that you flipping deserve it!


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Alice Perry