To celebrate National Orgasm Day, the Geordie Shore cast get down and dirty in our exclusive video. You have been warned...

We always knew they were a cheeky bunch, but the cast of Geordie Shore have gone all out in our exclusive video.

As today is National Orgasm Day (WHAT a day!), it seemed only right to ask some of the popular reality stars to make their orgasm noises…on camera!

Not only this, but the Northern crew also revealed their favourite sex positions.

Check out the video above!

Charlotte Crosby, Holly Hagan, Chloe Ferry and Nathan Henry all gave us their best * ahem * bedroom sounds.

In fact, 25-year-old Charlotte got a little TOO much into it whilst Holly, 23, wasn’t that keen on making her sex-face known to the public.

‘It’s probably really ugly,’ admitted an embarrassed Holly.

So what about sex positions? After all, we’ve seen plenty of bedroom action on Geordie Shore.

Although Holly wanted to keep her bedroom noises to herself, she was more than willing to reveal her favourite position…watch the video to find out what she said!

Charlotte was really feeling the heat of our video chat – she actually had to keep fanning herself to keep cool! The northern lass revealed the TWO positions she’s not a fan of…

Whilst we’re on the topic, Charlotte actually released her autobiography, ‘Me, Me, Me’ earlier this month which quickly hit the top of the charts. In the book, Ms Crosby actually refers to the time she caught Chlamydia.

‘The other day, someone was making a big deal out of it, and I was like, it wasn’t actually a big deal, it only happened once and I got checked out and everything. I feel like I’m prompting people to have safe sex,’ revealed the TV star.

Well said, Char!

Also on our exclusive video, Chloe, 19, actually re-enacted her favourite position. The Geordie newbie may be relatively young but she explained that she ‘discovered it the other day’!


Alongside Chloe was 24-year-old Nathan who also gave a pretty explicit description of his favourite position.

Oh we just love the Geordie Shore lot!

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