Here's how to cope with Zayn Malik's departure, by Russell Brand

While the world continues to mourn the loss of Mr Zayn Malik‘s spot in One Direction after his decision to quit the band was announced yesterday, it isn’t just us mere mortals feeling the pain.

Actual proper famous celebrities are upset. Especially outspoken comedian Russell Brand.

When we caught up with Russ this morning at the opening of his Trew Era cafe in East London, we just had to ask his opinion on what’s happening. 

And as he opened up about how he’s ‘still not over Robbie Williams leaving Take That‘ despite it happening 10 years ago – he offered some wise words on everyone’s #ZaynPain.

‘Zayn was an important member of One Directon, he was the one that wouldn’t dance. It must be really painful [for the fans], I feel sorry for them,’ he tells Now. 

Side note: kudos to Russ for remembering Zayn’s infamous scene from boot camp during The X Factor series X in 2010.

Not only this, but Russell also offered some words of encouragement to Directioners struggling to come to terms with the departure of Zayn.

‘It will get better!’ the comedian continued to tell us. ‘And we’ve still got Harry StylesNiall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne – so let’s focus on that.’

Wise words there, wise words.

Although this may all seem a little random, Russell and Zayn have previously struck up quite the unlikely friendship – with Mr Malik revealing in the band’s Where We Are autobiography that Russ actually offered him advice on ‘family planning’ after they met backstage at the Olympics in 2012. 

Which is, um, lovely?

Watch Russell Brand discuss Zayn’s departure and his message to heartbroken Directioners HERE.

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