Footballer apologises to ex manager David Moyes for comments made in his autobiography


Wayne Rooney has reached a £350,000 libel settlement with his ex manager David Moyes.

The footballer and publishers Harper Collins made a High Court apology yesterday to the Everton boss for comments made in Wayne’s autobiography My Story So Far.

‘All defendants accept that the allegation to which my friend has referred was untrue and sincerely apologise to Mr Moyes for the distress and embarrassment caused,’ his laywer told the court.

The ruling means that details of the allegations cannot be repeated in further publications.

It’s thought Wayne and fiancée Coleen McLoughlin, both 22, wanted the issue resolved before their wedding next week.

David will receive £50k damages from Harper Collins, who will also pay his legal bills, reports the Daily Mirror.

‘Anyone who knows me well would, I hope, regard me as a man of honour and integrity,’ David said in a statement. ‘I was disappointed and wanted people to know that what had been written was completely untrue.

‘I felt that I had no choice but to take action for a full apology and damages. All of the above said, we have now moved on and I wish Wayne and his family all the best for the future both on the field and off it.’