We went down to The X Factor and we're slightly obsessed with these two now...

Last night we took a trip out to The X Factor studios and it was like a who’s who of famous folk. Oh everyone was there, from Queen‘s Brian May popping into the canteen, to Sinita floating about giving everyone air kisses and generally being fabulous.

However the person who sparked our interest the most was Jean-Bernard – AKA Mr. Cheryl Fernandez-Versini.

The man is just such a mystery to us, a total enigma and seeing him in the flesh was akin to spotting a unicorn in the wild – and we’re not prone to exaggeration.

So we sat and observed him.

We’ll be honest ol’ JB didn’t seem to be too thrilled to be at The X Factor initially and was just playing on his phone like a moody teenager. He was seated in the second row of the audience with Simon Cowell‘s partner, Lauren Silverman, in front of him.

As soon as Chezza came onstage though he perked up and his eyes stayed on her constantly throughout the show. We don’t blame him, she looked like a right hottie last night.

However it wasn’t until the end that Jean-Bernard showed real signs of life – when Cheryl Fernandez-Versini’s girl, Lauren Platt, was in the bottom two.

Chezza‘s French beau cheered for Lauren all the way through her performance and looked completely tense while the judges revealed who they wanted to send home and Simon took the vote to deadlock.

When Lauren got through he looked visibly relieved and really enthusiastically clapped for her, it was obvious that he’s really bonded with Lauren and that he really cares for Cheryl‘s contestants.

Lauren spoke to us in the past about her friendship with JB, saying: ‘He’s just so cool and lovely, just like Cheryl. I’ll go into her dressing room panicking about something and he’s like: “Lauren, just chill.”‘

As soon as the show was over, Cheryl went straight to JB and he gave her a huge, reassuring hug, it was so sweet that it actually made us make ‘awww’ noises.

So if appearances are anything to go by Jean-Bernard and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini are extremely loved up and happy, and not even Mel B putting Chezza in a mood could disguise that.

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