Kim Kardashian takes a photo at every opportunity!

It’s common knowledge that Kim Kardashian is a HUGE selfie lover – she’s even released her own book showcasing some of her most-loved pics.

Now though, the reality star, who is currently expecting her second child with hubby Kanye West, 38, has shared a selfie from an actually aeroplane toilet.

Yes, the curvy lady actually went into the loo whilst she was flying high, and took a photo.

Alongside the photo, Kim wrote:
Airplane bathroom selfie ✈️.

Kim Kardashian selfie Instagram

Kim Kardashian selfie Instagram

If we’re being honest, when we’re in a plane toilet, the last thing on our minds is whipping out the iphone camera. In fact, usually the sight of ourselves in the mirror is enough to put us off selfies for life – spots, bedhead hair and mascara smudges. Yeah, it ain’t pretty.

Kim has taken photos in a variety of crazy places. Check out her SEVEN other wackiest…

Almost a year ago, Kim posted this photo in an elevator kissing Kanye. Well, who wouldn’t want to brag about kissing one of the most famous rappers in the world?

Kim Kardashian selfie Instagram

Kim Kardashian poses in an elevator with Kanye West


Also last year, Kim shared a sunbed selfie showing off her absolutely INCREDIBLE figure. Whilst we’re certainly partial to a sunbed selfie or two, Kim’s looks kinda awkward. Maybe she should have invested in a selfie stick.

Kim Kardashian selfie Instagram

Kim Kardashian takes a sunbed selfie!


On Halloween last year, the mum-of-one uploaded this snap of herself in a rather sexy giraffe one-piece – not your usual day-to-day attire but hey ho.

Kim Kardashian selfie Instagram

Kim Kardashian shares Halloween selfie


We all love taking a photo of ourselves when we’re doing something totally outrageous, like fishing. Well, so does Kim, who took this shot when she was driving through sand dunes with sister Kourtney, 36. Jel.

Kim Kardashian selfie Instagram

Kim Kardashian sand dune selfie


Kim was having a right mare when she shared this photo of herself struggling to pick an outfit in her ginormous wardrobe. Hmm, must be tough deciding when you’ve got SO many options…
Oh and erm, check out adorable North who seems to have no difficulty in choosing her clobber for the day.

Kim Kardashian selfie Instagram

Kim Kardashian wardrobe selfie


Whilst shopping with Kanye, Kim shared this pic of herself in a changing room. As ya do. Next time we’re in New Look we’ll try and do the same as we struggle to squeeze ourselves out of that ridiculously tight pair of jeans without looking like a total prat.

Kim Kardashian selfie Instagram

Kim Kardashian shares a wardrobe selfie


Hairdresser selfie? Kim still manages to look glam as she poses for a photo with her dye-covered hair.

Kim Kardashian selfie Instagram

Kim Kardashian hairdresser selfie


So just why does Kim take so many selfies?

‘I’ve taken them. I’ve chosen to put them out there. I like them. I’m proud of them. I think there’s power in that. Even if it’s objectifying myself, I’m ok with that,’ revealed Kim who added:
‘I think it’s a matter of opinion. Sometimes the media exploited me but I don’t care, as long as I’m happy and I like the photographer then I don’t care.’

Keep em’ coming Kim!

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