Brian McFadden’s Westlife band mate was just as stunned as we were at the break up!

On Tuesday evening, singer Brian McFadden and Irish model Vogue Williams announced that they were calling time on their three-year marriage.

We weren’t the only ones who were totally taken aback by the devastating news. Brian’s former Westlife bandmate, Shane Filan, 35, was also surprised.

When we caught up with the singer, he revealed:
‘I’ve just heard about it – I’m shocked actually, really shocked,’ adding:

‘I chatted to him a couple of weeks ago about something that was golf related but yeah I’m really shocked.’

Speaking at Wednesday night’s Warner Music Group Summer Drinks party, Shane also said that he’d never actually met Vogue, 29, and hadn’t even seen 35-year-old Brian for around six or seven years.

And there we were, assuming they still swayed along to old-school Westlife hits in their spare time.

Talking about the split, Shane admitted:

‘I was absolutely stunned. I hope Brian’s okay.’

Brian and Vogue announced their split over Twitter, both pasting the same message explaining that the decision to split was ‘tough’, adding:

‘We will always care greatly about each other, remain friends and wish each other all the very best for the future.’

Whilst chatting to Shane, we couldn’t help but drop in the fact that Brian’s ex, Kerry Katona, 34, had also kicked out her hubby George Kay, at the same time that Brian and Vogue decided to split.

Shane confessed: ‘You know more than me! I hope Brian’s okay, that’s the most important thing.’

The former boyband crooner was attending the summer party despite only just landing back in England.

‘I just got in from Gatwick- I flew from Ireland today. It was the worst car journey in history but I’m here now,’ said Shane, who also spoke about his upcoming album.

‘You can expect a very good album, its coming together really good.  I’ve been working on it for the last four or five months,’ said Shane, adding:  ‘I’m very excited about it.’

Er, so are we!

Whilst he couldn’t let us in on any album collaborations, Shane did reveal that his new sound is a lot more ‘pop music’ compared to his last album, You and Me.

‘It’s not Westlife but Westlife fans will like it. It’s just pop music, edgy and up-tempo on there. It’s very good pop music,’ gushed the star.

Well, we can’t blimmin’ wait for that!


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