Killer abs! We did a little digging to find out the X Factor judge, Rita Ora, diet secrets…

Wowzers! The X Factor judge Rita Ora showed off her smokin’ hot body in a recent selfie posted on Instagram.

The Kosovon-born beauty made our jaws drop to the floor with her washboard stomach and impressive cleavage in a black sequined bra top and knickers as she pouted for the camera. The singer was getting ready to perform at underwear show Tezenis in Italy. ‘Can’t wait to perform @tezenisofficial’, she captioned the shot.

Fans didn’t waste any time telling Rita what they thought of her revealing look. ‘You look amazingly super hot gorgeous,’ one said, while another wrote, ‘Rita ora = hot sexy wooooman x.’

So what’s Reets’ secret to getting such a killer bod? The answer is fresh coconuts and seaweed crisps!

During an interview ith Capital FM  presenters Lisa Snowdon and Dave Berry last month, Rita gave a lowdown of what nibbles she likes in her dressing room. She revealed: ‘Fresh coconuts with the straw in it, not the ones from the bottles, the fresh coconuts with the straw in it, the green ones. I want the seaweed crisps you can eat, I want some cashew nuts, and I want a tennis set! I’m on this new tennis/ healthy diet but I don’t play tennis.’

But it turns out her amazing figure is not solely down to a healthy diet.  Rita also revealed she has a personal trainer, but it sounds as though she gives him a hard time. ‘He does a really great job, but I was running and I hate it, cardio is my worst nightmare.’

She added: ‘I don’t work out every day, but I try to do as much as I can because the thing is I love to eat so, you know, you have to balance it out.’

However, Rita, who has been posting fun selfies of her and fellow X Factor judge Nick Grimshaw, hasn’t always been so confident when it comes to showing off her figure.

She admitted earlier this year: ‘There was a point in school when I was, like, 13, that I didn’t feel comfortable at all. I matured more quickly than the other girls; I had bigger breasts and a bigger bum – and I hated it.

‘I would get extra-tight leotards for my dance classes [to flatten me] because I was really ashamed of my body.’

But the star soon embraced her curves, ‘At one point, I just woke up, like, ‘I love my boobs, I love my skin, I love myself. And I’m going to get a leotard that actually fits because I can’t breathe!’

Nice one, Reets!

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