Remember those ginger ringlets? Yes, we miss them too. So we did some investigating to find out what Byker Grove's Spuggie is up to now


OMG, we loved Byker Grove!

Yes! Lyndyann Barrass, now 39, played Spuggie ­ who could forget those ginger ringlets?

Lyndyann, from Sunderland, was just 12 when she began working on the BBC kids show and stayed for six series from 1987-1993.

So what did she do after, we hear you ask.

Well, she was involved in three other TV drama productions ­ King Leek, The Resurrection Man and Harry ­ and did panto at the Sunderland Empire. ‘I played the fairy princess ­that was loads of fun,’ says Lyndyann. She studied performing arts at Sunderland College, but left after 18 months, saying: ‘There was a lot of jealousy and I was victimised a bit by some of my fellow students.’ Boo.

So were ther any other TV roles?

Sadly not, but in 2000 Lyndyann joined a four-piece girl group called Angel. ‘We did a couple of gigs around the northeast, recorded a couple of studio tracks in London and produced a demo CD,’ she says. ‘I remember two of the songs ­ one was called Glamorous Girlfriend and the other Bachelor Girls.’ She then worked in Newcastle as an assistant manager for a clothing brand and in a designer boutique.

What about a family?

In 1999, she married husband Allan in Cancun, Mexico. They had two children Joseph, 13, and Scarlett, eight. Lyndyann and Allan have since divorced and she describes herself on social media as: ‘Actress and single mum of 2 angels.’

What about her co-stars?

Aside from Ant and Dec, obvs, the most famous Byker Grove star is Jill Halfpenny, now 39, who played Nicola Dobson from the age of 14. After high-profile roles in Corrie and EastEnders, she won Strictly in 2004 and has starred in West End plays, including Calendar Girls and Legally Blonde, plus lots of TV dramas. Also still acting is Andrew Hayden-Smith, now 31, who played bad boy Ben Carter in 1995. When his character was killed off he hosted kid’s show UK Top 40. He came out as gay in 2005 and starred in Channel 4’s Cucumber and E4’s Banana last year.

Lyndyann now works in a call centre and recently admitted it would take her two years to earn the equivalent of her former co-stars Ant and Dec, who earn around £23,000 a day. ‘They owe me a drink,’ she joked.

Whatever happened to the Olsen Twins?

Lucy Gornall