You won't be able to guess which British star is the owner of this bum

Well, can you?

We bet you can’t. So how about we throw you some clues…

She’s very British, a mum of one and – here’s the best bit – she’s 49 YEARS OLD!

Yup, say hello to Elizabeth Hurley‘s very pert derriere. The actress reveals her bare bum in her latest role as a villainous head of state in new E! show The Royals. And we’re bum-founded by how incredible she looks.

It has now been a staggering 21 years since Liz shot to fame on the arm of her then-boyfriend Hugh Grant at the premiere of Four Weddings And A Funeral. At the time she made the front pages of newspapers by wearing THAT Versace dress – y’know the one with the safety pins.

Now, as she approaches her 50th birthday, she humbly suggests that actually that moment was all about the dress instead of here amazing body.

‘It was such a landmark dress in fashion history,’ she told The Times. ‘Like nothing to do with me. It was the dress.’

Um, no, Lizzy. It was ALL about your body.

Elizabeth plays the role of Queen Helena in the new TV show, reigning over England with Joan Collins by her side playing her mother.

Talking about the programme, she said: ‘It’s fun, it’s a drama – it’s not a comedy but it’s lighthearted. It’s quite sexy.’

After high profile relationships with Hugh, entrepreneur Steve Bing (who she has a 12-year-old son with called Damian) and, mostly recently, cricketer Shane Warne. But she is now taking a ‘sabbatical’ from dating.

She said: ‘I am single. On sabbatical. I’m busy at the moment, family, work, I’m working more now than I ever have been, no time for love.’

Victoria Kennedy