Kimberley Walsh has reportedly urged Cheryl to come clean about the pregnancy rumours for fears of her safety: 'She needs to address the rumours herself'.


First she’s pregnant. Then she’s not. Next minute she’s got flipping twins on the way!

Honestly people, we can’t keep up.

Of course, we’re referring to the lovely Cheryl– who has been inundated with rumours upon rumours that she is expecting her first child with 1D ‘fella Liam Payne.


So, whilst Cheryl or Liam are both yet to confirm or deny the status of Chezza’s womb, someone who apparently thinks it is high time all is revealed is long term BFF Kimberley Walsh.

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According to Closer, the former Girls Aloud ‘gal has urged Cheryl to reveal the truth- for fears of her safety.

Kimberley is allegedly concerned that fans may become aggressive and ‘lash out’ if they are not told the truth soon. A source shares, ‘Kimberley and Cheryl have been spending a lot of time together recently, and she hates seeing her pal under attack’.

The source continues, ‘She’s worried Cheryl may face an angry reaction from fans who feel she’s keeping something from them… She’s told Cheryl she’ll have an easier life if she just addresses the rumours herself, from the heart. But Cheryl doesn’t want to feel forced to do anything’.

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Cheryl found herself under a great deal of scrutiny after her recent appearance on The One Show, with countless fans taking to Twitter to speculate as to whether the former X-Factor judge was expecting.

In fact, Chez found herself under so much scrutiny she was forced to take to Instagram to defend the claims she mouthed the F-bomb whilst live on air.

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Posting a video of her appearance, which saw 33-year-old Cheryl discuss the importance of Childline, Chez writes ‘That word wasn’t even in my mind!!!  Dear media, please don’t turn my important Childline Interview into your negative Nancy clickbait! Try reporting the truth. You might help young lives’.

You tell ’em, Chez.

Alice Perry