Psychic to the stars and former medium to the Princess of Wales Sally Morgan predicts a big showbiz year in 2016 and it's going to be a BIGGIE!

We have a feeling 2016 is going to be a BIG year in terms of those celebs out there that we love so dearly. But instead of just sitting here waiting for the news to happen, we caught up with psychic to the stars Sally Morgan to see if she could shed any light on this ‘feeling’ we have and she DID NOT disappoint!

From Kate and Wills to what’s really going to happen with Cheryl – Sally sheds her light…

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Katherine and William will go from strength to strength but in 2016 there will be a massive change within the royal family that will mean the Queen will not be taking on as many engagements as she traditionally has,’ Sally says. ‘It will happen around October and it will mean a change of pace for the royal couple who will take on much more responsibility. Kate will really step up to the plate and be very supportive of her husband. The family will enjoy good health and there will be another child for them in the future with some happy news towards the very end of the year. There will also be baby news from their cousin, Zara Philips.’

[GIF] Kate Middleton and Prince William dancing


Cheryl Fernandez-Versini

Cheryl’s personal life will be difficult in 2016 and her marriage will face challenges from which it might not recover. But she is a survivor and will give her relationship another go,’ explains Sally. ‘There will be a public show of unity but by the end of the year she will be practically living life as a single woman. She is a survivor and once her marriage issues are resolved she will move on and her health will improve.’

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Jose Mourinho
‘The Special One will go abroad and work while he licks his wounds after being sacked from Chelsea,’ Sally predicts. ‘There will be opportunities for him in South America, possibly Brazil, but this will be a temporary measure. He will also spend time back in Portugal and something significant will happen to him in April which will be a new beginning. He will find a new challenge that he enjoys. His departure from Chelsea will not dent his confidence. There is an incredibly shy side to his character which camouflages itself with arrogance. He doesn’t like explaining the reasons why he does things because he is a very instinctive person who will only ever do things his way.’


Simon Cowell
Simon loves being a father and there will be news of another pregnancy later in 2016,’ Sally says. ‘There will also be a significant change in his career which will centred around a television. There will be the announcement of either a new show that he has developed that knocks the socks off everything he has done before or he will announce that he is dropping on of his shows or shelving it for a couple years while he concentrates on a new venture.’

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Ed Sheeran
Ed will spend time reassessing this life at the start of the year and try to stay out of the limelight but he is such a creative workaholic he will not be able stay away from music for long and by November of 2016 there will be new material released which will be just as good as all his other work. He’ll find inspiration in his travels and also love as I can see a dark beautiful girl in his future.’

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Prince Harry
‘There is a few years yet to wait until Harry ties the knot but 33 will be a significant age for him,’ Sally explains. ‘In the meantime, 2016 will see him becoming involved with a new love. He will photographed with a woman in the spring and by the end of the year they could be living together in a relationship. Throughout 2016 Africa will play and even bigger in his life and he will spend time there alothough his love of the continent and his desire to be there more and more will not sit well with others in the royal family. However it is a place where he feels comfortable and where he can live and continue his charitable work.’

Kylie Minogue
‘In 2016 there Kylie will face issues around her personal life and any work she does around May and June will put demands on her relationship. She will find it difficult to juggle work and love. In February and March she will find herself very broody and will be faced with a choice in relation to this.’

Victoria Beckham
‘Despite rumours Victoria will resist the offers to reform the Spice Girls and will never go back on tour with the band,’ Sally says. ‘She has found what she needs in her fashion work and will continue to exert herself as a major label in the fashion world. David would like another child but it would not fit into her workload and they will live very separate lives, kept apart by work commitments and different interests although they will remain together as a family. David will be knighted eventually and Victoria will relish the title of Lady Victoria.’

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