Loved-up Mark Wright is seriously excited about having a baby with new wife Michelle

His family has made no secret about their hope that Mark Wright and new wife Michelle Keegan will start producing sprogs soon.

Now the very loved-up Strictly star has dropped his biggest hint yet that he and Michelle – who wed 8 weeks ago – are already talking about having a baby.

Talking to Fabulous magazine today, Mark, 28, says: ‘Being married doesn’t make you wake up feeling different, but I certainly feel more settled. It’s something I’ve always wanted, being a husband. When you find The One it’s such a great feeling. Now let’s go on to the next step and have babies and start a family.’


But before we all get *too* excited, the ex TOWIE star quickly backtracks.

‘Ha! No, no, not that we’re going to do it now. It might be in a few years’ time! It won’t be this year anyway, definitely not. But everything was just perfect and when we went on the honeymoon it felt like a dream.’

Mark says he knew as soon as he met ‘perfect’ Michelle three years ago that he wanted to marry her.

‘Instantly,’ he says. ‘My mum [Carol], once said to me: “When you know, you’ll know.” And I did. I knew.’

And also defend his decision to Tweet about his ex Lauren Goodger on his honeymoon.

Lauren appeared to be making digs at her childhood sweetheart ex when she posted a message on her Instagram the night before his wedding saying: ‘She’s the kind of girl a guy meets when he’s too young and he f**ks up because there’s too much living to do. But later he realises she’s perfect.’

Lauren later claimed it was actually a reference to her current on-off partner Jake McLean, 26.

But Mark had had enough. In a rare outburst he Tweeted: ‘If your reading this, please PLEASE respect my wife and STOP…I wish you well but leave me, my life and my wife out of it.’

Mark says in his interview today: ‘I don’t regret what I said. I didn’t know how else to get my point across. I was backed into a corner and I didn’t know any other way to let my feelings out and explain how I felt. It was a plea.

‘I’m not going to talk to her, I’m not going to do interviews, so my last resort after taking so much was this [tweeting]. And what I said in my tweets, I stand by.’