Kim Kardashian surprises fans with her huge tum in an adorable new selfie

It’s nearly two months since Kim Kardashian broke the news that she’s expecting her second child but we’ve kind of been struggling to get a glimpse of her baby bump – until now.

Yep, the pregnant 34-year-old’s tum has finally popped by the looks of things and looks absolutely HUGE in a cute selfie posted on Instagram by Kim last night.

Kim cradled her growing belly as she prepared to get some sleep and sweetly wrote: ‘Good night baby’

The reality star pulled her best pout as she took the photo but our eyes are totally focused on her massive bump, which is clear to see in her fitted cream frock.

We’re SO excited that Kim’s belly is making itself known and her fans seemed pretty pleased too.

‘That rounded and popped out quick….being pregnant suits u,’ one wrote.

Another commented on the snap: ‘omg I didn’t know she was showing this much I’m SO EXCITED’

WE KNOW! It’s thought that Kim – who revealed last month in a cute post about hubby Kanye West and daughter North that she’s expecting a boy – could give birth around late October or early November, so there’s still plenty of time for her tum to grow even more.

The expectant star hinted that her bump was about to get big earlier this month when she told her Twitter followers that she’d noticed her stomach changing in recent days.

Turns out you were right, Kim! Her belly certainly looks much more rounded than it did just last week when she attended an event in Los Angeles with Kanye, though maybe the fact that Kim chose to wear black on that occasion disguised how big her bump was getting.

Kim announced in an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians in June that she was expecting again after a long struggle to conceive, so we bet she’s enjoying every minute of her pregnancy.

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