Long Lost Family host Davina McCall was sent the picture of her startlingly similar - and nearly naked - doppelgänger by a friend in France

If you’re heading to France this summer, keep your eyes peeled for Davina McCall‘s doppelgänger – who may or may not be a little bit naked.

Confused? Allow us to explain…

Davina took to Twitter this weekend to share a picture of a woman sunbathing topless – that just so happened to look scarily like the Long Lost Family presenter!

Seen lying on a beach wearing little more than a tiny pair of bikini bottoms, the woman in the painted picture shares Davina’s glossy dark hair, blunt fringe and megawatt smile.

Snapped and sent to her by a friend on holiday in France, the painting in question caused more than a few LOLs amongst Davina’s social media followers.

Sharing the picture on Twitter, the mum of three wrote: ‘A friend has just seen this painting in France… Remind u of anyone?’

When one of her followers replied with the joke ‘good knockers’, Davina responded: ‘I really think it looks like me!!! How mad!!!!’

And it wasn’t long before others started to ID the other people in the picture.

‘Did you ever holiday with Shirley from EastEnders?!’ one enquired, whilst another jokingly asked: ‘Sarah Ferguson in the background?’

Whilst the woman in the picture isn’t Davina (or at least, we THINK it’s not her!), it may not be long before we see more than usual of the 47-year-old star.

Speaking to The Sun last December about resisting the urge to do something naughty, she said: ‘As I’ve got older, I know that I’m potentially less interesting on a red carpet, for example.

‘So I get this really bad urge whenever I go to London – I want to stick two fingers up at the cameras or flash my boobs or my bum.

‘Literally, every time I do a red carpet event now, I have to talk myself down from doing something that I will regret for the rest of my life.’


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Stephanie Wood