Amazing mansformations! You're not going to BELIEVE what these men used to look like...

We’re amazing at how these men have changed over the years. Was it surgery? Was it weightloss? Was it a damn good fake tan? Find out what these guys have done for their amazing mansformations…

Shane Warne: ‘I think I look better than I used to’
Cricketer Shane looks unrecognisable from his sporting glory days. The
45-year-old Aussie, who has had hair transplants, recently showed off a
taut complexion and plumped lips. Shane, who used to date actress Liz
Hurley, 50, has denied having surgery, but instead attributed his new face to weight loss.

He says: ‘Everyone thinks I’ve had facial operations. I haven’t had one
thing. I went from 14st 5lb to 12st over the course of six months. You
lose 2st 5lb, it looks different. I’ve got wrinkles and all sorts of stuff, but because I think I’m looking better than I used to, people jump to all these conclusions.’

Nick Grimshaw
Radio 1 DJ Nick has gone through his own X Factor journey, ditching the geeky John Lennon glasses and his dodgy hair as well as a few pounds. Nick, 30, revealed that his dad advised him to start cycling again. ‘I hadn’t been on a bike since I was 13, and my dad said: “You should get back on it it was the only time in your life you were thin!”

Ricky Wilson
Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky looks nothing like his previous boozy,
bloated incarnation. The 37-year-old Voice coach not only slimmed down and smartened up, he sorted out his chipped teeth, too. His secret? ‘Happiness makes you thin,’ he said.

Rylan Clark
The 26-year-old singer has gone to great lengths to nip and tuck his face in a bid to achieve the perfect look. He has previously admitted: ‘I’m
very self-conscious. I won’t stop [surgery] until I’m the perfect man.’
Rylan has new teeth, his lips plumped and is now considering a surgically enhanced six-pack.

Calvin Harris
DJ Calvin, 31, ditched the bowl haircut and hit the gym, becoming the face of Armani and bagging himself A-list girlfriend Taylor Swift, 25, in the process. Serious goals.

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