Want to see Katie Price when she was au natural? Look no further...


If we were to have pound for every cosmetic procedure Katie Price has ever had, we’d be very rich indeed!

From boob jobs to new noses and face lifts, the mum-of five is constantly changing her look and once described her body as ‘patchwork quilt’ but that’s never stopped her having a nip here and a tuck there. Oh no.


In fact, Katie has hinted that she’ll continue to go under the surgeon’s knife right up to the point where she dies.

She told one of our well-placed sources: ‘When I die I’ll be so non-biodegradable you’ll be able to dig me up in 
100 years’ time and I’ll still 
look absolutely perfect.’


But how much has she changed already? Check out our timeline dating right back to 1995.

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