Lydia Bright shared shots of her and James 'Arg' Argent looking more GLAM than normal

Lydia Bright has shared some interesting pictures of her and James ‘Arg’ Argent’s new look whilst filming TOWIE.

Lydia shared the glamorous new look picture with the caption ‘Her name is Lola she was a show girl #Filming #TOWIE

WOW! Doesn’t she look drop dead gorgeous in that amazing headpiece? We weren’t the only ones to think so either…

Fan’s took to the reality star’s Instagram page to share how amazing the TOWIE star looked. One said ‘Awwww lovely lyd. Love this pic of you xx

But what made this new look so fabulous was that Lydia did not stop there… She also involved her childhood sweetheart 27-year-old Arg.

The picture not only revealed the Essex lad in a gigantic headpiece but a matching glitzy bra. Looking fabulous darling!

And we were the only one’s shocked by their new look.

And by the sounds of it so was Lydia who captioned the cheeky snap ‘Just when you thought you’d seen it all @real_arg #TOWIE #Filming’

The TOWIE star even replied to this embarrassing picture and said ‘Think it suits me! #Shimmy’

Here at Now we think it does too… The sparkles really compliment your eyes, Arg!

One fan obviously didn’t see the funny side and commented ‘Your boyfriend is a clown’

Mostly though people understood that it was a joke… AWKWARD.

The pair shared their 7th anniversary earlier this year have been looking stronger than ever.

Despite tensions in the show and Twitter rows with Vas J Morgan, Lyd and Arg seem happier than ever at the moment.

We’re not just patiently waiting for him to get down on one knee…

And if this is anyting to go by there could be a Vegas-themed reception too!

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