The reality star has been through quite a transformation

Scarlett Moffatt is best known for her witty one-liners on the Gogglebox sofa but it’s her body that’s had everyone talking of late.

The reality star has been through a dramatic weight loss transformation, having shed more than 2st and gone from a size 16 down to a size 10 – before admitting to slowly putting the pounds back on.


See Scarlett’s incredible body journey in our gallery below, charting her changing figure over time…

Scarlett Moffatt before and after

When she first finds fame on Gogglebox alongside her parents and younger sister, Scarlett is happy to show off her curves.

But in May 2016 the Newcastle lass hints that she’s ready to get in shape after piling on the pounds, having gone from a size 6 to a size 16.

Scarlett – who used to be a semi-professional ballroom dancer – admits: ‘I knew I was overweight but when I went to the doctor for a check up, she said: “You’re obese.”

‘I was really shocked; I almost cried. She explained my BMI was in the danger zone, I was “pre-diabetic”.’

The TV favourite puts her weight gain down to discovering ‘alcohol and kebabs’ as a student.

GIF Scarlett Moffatt Gogglebox

This kickstarts her regime and soon Scarlett is looking slimmer after taking up exercise again.

In June 2016 she gives herself motivation by captioning a selfie on Instagram: ‘Time to get fit 💪🏽 I can do this 💪🏽 #fitness #lifestylechange’

It clearly works as Scarlett is looking a shadow of her former self by July.

‘Feeling happy and healthy ☺ #happy #healthy,’ she tells her social media followers.

In August Scarlett excitedly reveals that she’s lost 2st and shocks fans with her increasingly slim selfies. Some even warn her not to take it too far.

With her frame shrinking more and more, the reality star confirms in October that she’s releasing a workout DVD to show how she got in shape.

[GIF] Scarlett Moffatt

In November she posts a jaw-dropping before and after picture and emotionally writes: ‘Doesn’t sound like a big deal but it’s the little things that make me now smile everyday.

‘Running up the stairs without getting out of breath, I now can enjoy going shopping, I wake up and my back doesn’t ache.’

However, in the months that follow an increasingly busy Scarlett struggles to keep the weight off.

‘I’m not superhuman; I’m just the average northern lass who likes a chip-shop dinner and doesn’t particularly like yoga or cross-training,’ she writes in her autobiography Sofa So Good in October 2017.

In January 2018 the presenter vows to get back into shape, but as the year goes on she admits that she’s not obsessing over staying slim anymore and says she’s finally found the right balance.

‘Now I like going to the gym but I also like going for food,’ Scarlett tells The Sun in June 2018. ‘So for me, it’s not necessarily that I’m the most happy with my body, I’m just happy with life. I’ve got the balance right.’

Good for you, Scarlett!