Daniel Radcliffe's debut performance is quite possibly the greatest thing that has ever happened to the internet

You’re a rapper, Harry!

Former Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe never ceases to amaze does he?

From boy wizard to naked stable boy, to now er… secret rap star!

Daniel was in America on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night promoting his latest movie Horns – and well, nobody quite expected the interview to take the turn it did.

As host Jimmy uncovered Daniel‘s dirty little secret (his unknown love for all things Eminem and Plan B), the star then burst into a rendition of Alphabet Aerobics by American hip-hop duo Blackalicious.

And it was nothing but magic, as the one time Wizard didn’t miss a single beat.

We’re now slightly disappointed there was never a Hogwarts after-hours rap battle special between Harry and Draco Malfoy.

Not even the dark Lord Voldemort himself could destroy the brilliance that would’ve been.

In the now-viral video, Jimmy takes the role of hype man dancing behind, while Daniel ‘spits’ his rhymes for a continuous one minute and 52 seconds over a gradually increasing beat.

And we don’t think we’re at all over exaggerating when we say it is quite possibly the greatest thing to ever happen to the internet, ever.

Not only are fans around the world revelling in Daniel‘s musical capabilities and demanding the recording be immediately released on iTunes – some are even demanding a follow up album.

Harry Potter and the Rhythm of Hogwarts ft. Drak3 Mal-Flow?’ one fan has suggested.

Which yes, sounds like the greatest possible outcome from all of this right about now.

Watch the clip below and judge Daniel‘s rapping for yourself…


Now let’s all pray together for a future Daniel Radcliffe world tour.

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