Can you see the likeness in these Peter Andre images?


Peter Andre just doesn’t know how beautiful he is. And we’ve got the proof.

The 41-year-old star drew this, um, amazing self-portrait of himself – and proved he’s best off sticking to the singing and Iceland adverts!

He got the six-pack abs and muscly arms right but where’s that gorgeous smile eh? The artist signed his pic ‘Peter Andre by Peter… er Andre’ and dated it ’19/10/14′.

But Pete clearly didn’t expect anyone to see it.

When a fan (presumably at his Sunday tour night in Newcastle) spotted the fun drawing, she tweeted it mentioning his name on the microblogging website so he’d see. Peter replied: ‘Haha how did you see that.

It’s good to know exactly how Peter spends his downtime in between touring with his Big Band music and promoting his perfume. Somehow we think his kids might easily be able to give him a run for his money in the art stakes.

Peter has son Junior and daughter Princess with ex-wife Katie Price plus he and fiancée Emily MacDonagh are parents to little girl Amelia. He recently told Now that he wants the body he had when he was in the prime of his pop career.

Peter said: ‘I want to shoot a calendar on the day of my birthday [27 February]. I never post any topless pictures of myself – it’s very rare that I would do anything like that.

‘But on my birthday I want to be in my best ever shape, like I was back in the Mysterious Girl days when 
I was 22. I want someone to put the two topless pictures together and compare them for fun!

‘Body-wise, stripping off 
is not something I want to worry about every day of my life, but 
it’s fun to do it once in a while – just for a challenge.’

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