Vicky Pattison has confirmed she is leaving MTV's Geordie Shore because she wants to give her new relationship a proper go

In perhaps the worst news we have heard all week, Vicky Pattison has revealed that she’s leaving the Geordie Shore house. But not just to visit the local off-licence. Nope, she’s leaving FOR GOOD.


After nine series of ‘getting wrecked’, ‘tashing on’ and unmatchable hilarity, Queen Vicky has decided to call it a day.

‘Although it’s been an excellent opportunity, I’ve grown up,’ she said. ‘Somewhere along the Jagerbombs, sl*t-dropping and bed-dropping, I aged.’

Ermmm, you’re only 26, Vic! Surely you can board the Jager train until you’re at least… 40?

But original cast member Vicky insists ‘Geordie Shore years’ are different to ‘normal years’.

‘I feel about 78!’ the Newcastle lass claims. ‘I’m the miserable cow in the corner. The producers made me Queen Vicky in series nine, but I felt more isolated than ever. I saw Charlotte and Holly having the time of their lives and thought, “I don’t feel like that anymore”.’

One incident that also contributed to Vicky‘s decision to leave was her brush with the law in 2013, after throwing a stiletto in a club led to two counts of assault.

‘The prospect of losing everything I had worked for – if that’s not a wake-up call, then I don’t know what is,’ Vicky said. ‘Just because it’s funny to be loud and aggressive in Geordie Shore doesn’t mean you can act like that in real life – it’s completely unacceptable.

‘I’ve grown up. I’m ready for something new.’

And that ‘something new’ that Vicky vows to focus on in her future comes in the form of boyfriend of six months, James Morgan.

‘I’d be lying if I said James didn’t play a factor in my decision,’ she admitted. ‘I love him a lot and if I’m going to give our relationship a fair go, I have to not be running off and doing Geordie Shore every two months.

‘We’ve never been able to give each other time. Now we’ll get to live like normal people.’

It sounds like we’re not the only ones distraught over Vicky‘s departure, as fellow Shore-er Gary ‘Gaz’ Beadle tweeted:

‘@GazGShore: @mtvgeordieshore @VickyGShore still hasn’t sunk in.. 1 of the originals!It’s been a crazy journey but a pleasure to share it with u!love me

Vicky, we’ll miss you! And please don’t give up the Jagerbombs, it’ll make the rest of us feel guilty.

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