Gone Girl’s very own Emily Ratajkowski spills the beans. Warning: It. Is. Weird.

There’s no denying it – Gone Girl actress, Emily Ratajkowsi is drop.dead.gorgeous.

Emily, who shot to fame last year as the sexy brunette dancer in THAT Blurred Lines video, has spoken out about life behind the lens and, more specifically, her family’s reaction at seeing her totally starkers!

She revealed: ‘After my first nude shoot, my dad sent me an email saying, “I just saw the photos and you’re as beautiful a model as you were a five-year-old”.’

Erm, sorry? Did we read that right? What kind of five-year-old WAS she?

Seems as though nakedness has been a part of Emily’s life for quite some time. The gorgeous model revealed that, as a child, she was used to seeing her mum’s bare bod.

‘She’s a bit of a hippy and I grew up with her sunbathing topless, which is a rare thing in the US,’ gushed Emily, 23.

‘So many kids’ first images of the female body are pornographic but I was lucky to see my mum’s body and just think, “Wow, beautiful”,’ she added.

Kind words Em, but we’re still a little wide-eyed.

Despite all this nudity (ooh-er!), Ms Ratajkowski admitted to finding her teen years slightly awkward.

‘I hit puberty really young so I had a body I didn’t understand. Men were starting to look at me inappropriately and it was hard to know how to dress when you’re 13 and have full breasts,’ she explained.

Oh how we wish our teen years had been so erm…difficult – flat chests and spots come to mind.

Although her younger years may have been tough (NOT), Emily’s good looks and FIT body have pretty much got her a place in every man’s ‘top 5’ list.

She may not have achieved such fame though had she not agreed to shaking her thang in Robin Thicke’s music video: ‘I turned it down originally. But the director (Diane Martel) was like, “Just let me meet with you”, so we talked about how it was going to be goofy pretty girls shaking their butts around, while they rapped. I was just really excited,’ revealed Emily.

Check out Emily in Gone Girl – out NOW! Eeek!

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