After this week's six chair challenge on The X Factor, Che Chesterman gushes about his girlfriend on social media.

Who else was blown away when Che Chesterman sang her little heart out on the six chair challenge on The X Factor over the weekend? Yeah. Us too.

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And while he’s already a favourite to win the whole show – and he’s said that he thinks he could himself on Good Morning Britain – he’s had his biggest fan in his life for the longest time.

The 19-year-old who used to stack shelves in Tesco, may be getting hoardes of new fans coming his way after his soulful renditions of James Brown and Jessie J, but it’s girlfriend Meg Hanley that’s been there with him every step of the way.

Sharing a pic of them together onto his Facebook, the singer from Basilson has posted a pretty smushy and smitten shout-out to her. And it’s adorable!

‘I post about her a lot but i cant express the gratitude i owe her. An absolute diamond in all that i have done, every time i come off stage i wanna see her, i jump from my dream of singing in front of thousands to another dream… Being with her.’

What? No, we’re not crying. We’ve just got love’s young dream in our eye.

‘Shes something i will never get tired of, been with me before everything and absolutely supported me 100% of the way, i couldn’t wish for better because better doesn’t exist when it comes to her.’

Just as supportive as she is to him, he’s asked his followers on Instagram to go and give her account a follow too: ‘Follow my beautiful girl. @_meg_an_’

And the love is mutual between the both of them, with Meg’s instagram account filled with cute selfies of the both of them, and screen shots of people and celebs praising her boyfriend, including Professor Green and X Factor’s very own Caroline Flack.

‘My everything. He makes me so proud every single day. I’m so lucky to have met him and its such a privilege to [be] a part of his life. I will remain to love him with every vein in my body. Im in love with you @chechesteran you have such a fantastic life ahead of you and as long as I have you in my life I’m happy, no matter what.’

Right, ok – we’re goners. Someone pass us the box of tissues please.

With an incredible voice and a supportive girl, we have a feeling that Che’s going to be alright on The X Factor!

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