Cheryl Cole will be showing off her talents on this weekend’s X Factor results show and we can't wait!

Every year, one weekend’s X Factor sees a judge leave their panel to stand on that dreaded X and perform to a whole nation of critics. Oooooh, we love it!

This year, we won’t be disappointed as the comeback queen herself, Cheryl Cole, will be brushing off her dancing shoes to perform controversial new single I Don’t Care.

But there’s one question on everyone’s lips: will she sing live?

According to Brian Friedman, Cheryl‘s choreographer, the answer is YES!

‘She’s been singing in rehearsals live – she’s singing and dancing every time we run it,’ said Brian.

Cheryl has received some stick for her past X Factor performances with viewers claiming that she has mimed her way through her songs, despite her contestants having to sing live every week.

But Brian, 37, reckons there’s no need for talented Cheryl, 31, to mime.

‘There’s a certain type of artist that, as a choreographer, you want to have in the studio if you’re doing dance performances. Britney [Spears] had that, Janet [Jackson] had that, Mya, Pink, Beyonce has it and Cheryl has that too. She’s in that category.’

It sounds like Cheryl has been putting the hours into her performance too, to try and impress the nation and her fellow judges who will be watching the performance. But despite the pressure, Brian says she’s feeling more excited than nervous.

He told ‘It’s the first time I’ve worked with Cheryl as a choreographer and she’s really hard working. She stayed in there for hours after our rehearsal as she said she wanted more time. She’s putting a lot of work in – she wants it to be a great performance.

‘We were talking about [her being nervous] and she says she loves that feeling of butterflies in her stomach. We both said that if that feeling ever goes away, it’s a bad thing. She’s excited.’

We can’t wait to see what Cheryl will pull out of the bag this time – and to see how Simon Cowell will react. Eek!

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Kim Gregory