This is very upsetting


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – it’s not The X Factor if there’s not a good ol’, generous dose of controversy.

And hours before this series’ first live show, there was the latest scandal, as it was revealed that twin group The Brooks Way had been suspended from the show!

The 17-year-old Brooks brothers, Kyle and Josh, were due to perform on the show on Saturday (8th October) along with their fellow contestants, yet they were pulled from the competition line-up at the last minute.

Now, the grave reason why has been revealed, as Josh’s ex girlfriend Amelia has claimed that he broke her nose during their relationship.

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Eighteen-year-old Amelia Clark came forward with the sensational news on Saturday, stating that Josh had ‘beaten her black and blue’ during their four-year-romance, including an incident of a broken nose – and this forced X Factor bosses to halt Brooks Way’s appearance on the live show.

She told a friend that she’d been left with ‘bite marks to her face, black eyes and severe bruising on her legs and arms’ at points of their relationship reports the Sun on Sunday – with the worst attack occurring after Josh walked on her parents’ carpet with muddy shoes. (Beware – this is graphic.)

‘He said the way that I spoke to him wasn’t acceptable, knocked me over and kicked me in the face so hard that my nose broke. I heard it click out.

‘Both my eyes instantly went black and blood was streaming from my nose, but as I was standing over the sink he punched me again and again in the back.’

Josh entering rehearsals

Josh entering rehearsals

This upsetting revelation comes after a previous report that Josh had previously been arrested at a New Years Eve party for attacking his girlfriend; in that occasion, he was let go with no charge.

Show producers released the following statement to confirm the absence of the Brooks Brothers: ‘Due to the serious nature of the information which has come to light concerning one of Brooks Way, the group will not be performing in Saturday night’s show pending further inquiries.’

However, a source has allegedly confirmed that they had not (yet) been removed from the show permanently.

We’ll have to keep our eyes very closely peeled for developments in this story – what are your thoughts? Let us know on Twitter @CelebsNow…